My Sunday Photo – January 7th 2017

This week I looked for a while for a photo, but the same one kept jumping out. I was torn though. Not many people want to see a photo of my family. It’s much more interesting to look at something else. But then I realised that these little guys are my world. As this is my blog and I write it for the boys, I realised it’s ok to have a photo of my world on it.

This photo isn’t the best, it’s grainy and taken in bad light. But it captures the moment. The moment in time we were all together. My whole world (minus the hubby) in one photo.

I love it! I love them more than they will ever know.

My world



I love a cold and frosty morning. Even more so if I don’t actually have to go out in it and can just look from the window, warm indoors. This week I had to do an early morning nursery run with two of the three boys and this was the scene that greeted me from inside the car. It’s just so beautiful the feather like patterns the ice makes as it forms. I could help but take the image. I’m so excited for Christmas. The frost and snow make it all a little more magical!

Merry Christmas everyone!


I did it, he arrived. We are getting to know each other in the world.
He was born at home on the 29th November, I’m still in shock that I did it again. I brought my baby into the world by myself at home (watched on by the amazing midwifes).
We are in love.
I am a mummy of three boys.
Welcome to the world little Roo.
new baby roo

My Sunday Photo – Coffee Table

coffee table
Staying with last weeks theme of baby bump photos because I’ll never get this chance again. This week marks 38-39 weeks pregnant. The bump now makes a perfect coffee table for my morning coffee. A nice big bottomed mug sits perfectly on top of the bump. The problem comes when I try to eat something and it ends up all down me because I can’t get close enough to a table or plate to catch the crumbs! I’m sure all pregnant ladies will know my predicament!
my sunday photo
This weeks photo is me.
For all my flaws and dislikes of my own picture, one day I’ll look back and want to see what I looked like pregnant.
I’m 37 weeks now, time has flown. I haven’t really got many pictures of the bump so when my mum took this at the Ideal Home Show this week I thought it would make a good memory. This is most likely our last baby, the last boy in the trilogy. He has no name yet and we won’t pick one until we meet him. I’m planning another home birth and all being well he’ll arrive near his due date (hopefully after my birthday). Although in theory I’m ready for him any day I’d like to have a few more weeks of my final pregnancy to enjoy before he arrives.
my sunday photo
Last Sunday we went out to Tatton Park, which is a fabulous country park, mansion, farm and gardens about an hour from our house. The picture was the boys on the adventure playground. Whilst it is a lovely picture of them to me it shows that sometimes the camera does lie. On the surface it looks like we were having a fab family day out in the Autumn sun. In reality my eldest had moaned and groaned all the way around the other attractions as all he wanted to do was go to the playground. His face was permanently in a grump until we eventually got to the playground! Despite telling him numerous times we’d get there in the end! And of course it turned back into a grump when we had to leave.


Sorry if you don’t like Christmas, but I do! It’s my absolute favourite time of year. I adore the build up so much. Now my favourite local Garden Centre Bents has opened their Christmas displays I couldn’t help but go and take a look. To me it signals the start of the countdown to Christmas.

So the picture to me signals the stat of the countdown!

Except this years countdown for us includes a major happening, the arrival of our third baby due in November. This year I’m trying to be super organised so that once the baby arrives I will have nothing else to do except sit back and enjoy the time. I don’t really want to have presents to buy (although the internet has revolutionised that!). I don’t want to have to do any wrapping. I just want to enjoy the first few precious weeks with the new baby and watching the boys get excited about this special time of year.


This weeks photo was captured as I was filming them together. My youngest had got upset about something and was crying. I actually can’t remember now why he was crying. The eldest offered to read him his current favourite book at the kitchen table. Currently his favourite book (which changes weekly!) is Hamiltons Hats. So as he started reading I picked up my phone to film. I like to film them as much as I can to keep for future. Not for anyone else to see just us, so we can look back at them in a few years.

As I’m filming on the phone I’ll often just take a snapshot as I go, so it’s only from my iPhone and totally unposed (when in so many ways it does look like it might have been) I can give my honest word it was just a lovely moment they had together.




This week my favourite photo was taken just yesterday on a last minute day out. I love this picture because it’s completely natural, no posing, no filter.

What ever big boy does the little one copies. He adores his big brother. This picture means so much to me because in just a few short weeks time these two will become three. I hope they always share and remember the bond they had as a pair before their final brother joins them in this world.



This week it’s another photo of the boys. I love to watch them grow. I love it when they are being nice to each other. I really want to keep the memories of them whilst they are small. This was last Sunday afternoon, walking back from a very wet Kite festival in Lytham St Annes. We went to look at the kites despite the weather. We did get wet but at least we got some exercise, although I wished I’d worn a jumper. I did start to get cold. I think the weather is really starting to turn towards Autumn now.