This weeks photo was captured as I was filming them together. My youngest had got upset about something and was crying. I actually can’t remember now why he was crying. The eldest offered to read him his current favourite book at the kitchen table. Currently his favourite book (which changes weekly!) is Hamiltons Hats. So as he started reading I picked up my phone to film. I like to film them as much as I can to keep for future. Not for anyone else to see just us, so we can look back at them in a few years.

As I’m filming on the phone I’ll often just take a snapshot as I go, so it’s only from my iPhone and totally unposed (when in so many ways it does look like it might have been) I can give my honest word it was just a lovely moment they had together.




3 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Brothers can sometimes get along!

  1. What a sweet moment to capture. Lovely to see them reading

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Hi Jane, I was never very good at taking photos of my two when they were small, which seems odd as now love taking photos, but they don’t often comply! I love the natural look of your photo. It is lovely and all your videos and photos will be something special to look back on when they are all big, hairy men!


  3. Aw they look like best of friends there, I love nothing more than capturing moments like this between siblings.

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