This week my favourite photo was taken just yesterday on a last minute day out. I love this picture because it’s completely natural, no posing, no filter.

What ever big boy does the little one copies. He adores his big brother. This picture means so much to me because in just a few short weeks time these two will become three. I hope they always share and remember the bond they had as a pair before their final brother joins them in this world.



17 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Brothers

  1. What a lovely natural photo, and an incredible view

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Aww! That is so sweet! Such a lovely moment to capture. They look like they are having a fun time. x

  3. This great capture is a perfect #MummyShot I’d love you to join us on instagram. Beautiful shot! #mysundayphoto

  4. Aww it must be just lovely watching their bond and I love the photo. Look at the clouds in the background too. Definitely one for the frame. I hope baby number 3 (and you!) are both doing well xx

    • Thank you we are, I did wonder if it’s one to frame but I don’t like the coat little one is wearing so might have to try and edit it a bit first. Thanks for commenting

  5. What an adorable shot, it’s always lovely watching your children bond together isn’t it? #MySundayPhoto

  6. Kerri-Ann on September 17, 2017 at 6:42 pm said:

    Looks like a great spot to explore #mysundayphoto

  7. How lovely! Last minute days out often turn out to be the best. #MySundayPhoto

  8. Hi Jane, what a lovely bond they have. Those unexpected days out are often the best.


  9. mummy here and there on September 18, 2017 at 7:12 pm said:

    That is an adorable caption X #mysundayphoto

  10. Lovely shot of your two boys – they look like they’re very happy sitting there together 🙂

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