Well it’s been a while! I won’t apologise as its my blog and I know its been neglected but I’ve just not had the time. Bringing up 3 boys, running a house, trying to stay fit and working full time is hard. Theres just not been time to write. I miss it though. I love writing and maybe just maybe I’ll get more time next year!?

Anyway I felt like I wanted to do try and round up the year and write up a quick review. If anything just for the boys to look back on as I know they won’t remember everything we’ve done (and to be honest neither will I probably!).

We are in a privileged position in that we have had a wonderful year full of happy memories and I’m grateful everyday for everything we have in life and especially happiness. There has of course been stressful time but we end it happy and healthy (mostly apart from the cough doing the rounds).

The year started well and the boys went back to school and nursery. Mid way through January Felix caught covid again for the 2nd time so that was him isolating until he got a negative test. Thankfully it really didn’t affect him and he spent a few days at home playing and waiting for his negative test. I still had my Tuesdays off with Roo which was nice. He was (and still is) at a great age where he’s fun to be around but not too hard work (no nappies etc!). I managed a few runs and began walking everyday if I wasn’t running.

February was great, we had valentines day then at half term we escaped for a week to Whitby. We love it there, the fresh air, the walking, the fish and chips. We got lucky with the weather, it wasn’t too cold and we wrapped up when it rained. Most days even if it was a wander to the beach or arcade. It was a nice break to get away from work. I even got chance to take part in the new Whitby Park Run, the route was lovely and flat along an old railway line. I’m still a slow plodder but it doesn’t matter, I love it afterwards!

March started with shrove Tuesday where we enjoyed pancakes. I filled the house with daffodils when I could, which really are a sign that spring is in the air. We had a few barbecues and even managed a lunch outside on a Tuesday in the sunshine in Lytham with my mum.

April was Easter and one of the most important days, finding out which secondary and primaries the boys would be going too. Thomas got into his number 1 choice and we were very happy for him. It’s a well regarded school and one which is hard to get into to so we were relieved with the news. Roo got in at the school that Felix and Thomas were attending so that made things a little easier. Oh and I can’t not mention the highlight of the year for my mum………finally seeing the red pandas in real life at Blackpool Zoo. We’ve all been members for years but it was a standing joke that they hid from her (a bit like the kit-kat advert for those old enough to remember!).

May brought amazing news – my brother and his family were going to make a surprise visit in June for a few months so that my brother could work here. It was going to be a surprise for my parents, how was I going to pretend I didn’t know?! Plans were made and cogs set in motion. But apart from that it was a busy month! I ran the Blackpool 10k and the Manchester 10K, we had a trip to Blackpool pleasure beach using some tickets we won last year. We got ready for the Queens platinum jubilee – I couldn’t wait, I love a royal occasion!

June had to be the best of the year, it started with a lovely jubilee weekend. I love the pomp and pageantry of the royal occasion. I watched the events in London and the street came together for a street party. We all brought food and gathered together. The sun was shining bright and we all really enjoyed it. My brother and family arrived, they most definitely surprised mum and dad who had now idea they were coming. They brought news of a baby on the way too which was a double surprise for everyone (although they had already told me and I was delighted for them!). It was so good to see them and my niece after such a long time.

July brought change all round. Thomas left school for the last time and Roo waved goodbye to nursery. Our nursery days were behind us after almost 12 years of the same nursery. Thomas went on his last primary residential and loved it. He also got to do his transition days to high school. I knew he was nervous but I was so proud when he walked in. The tears were in my eyes but I didn’t show it. I waited nervously for him to finish and thankfully he said it went ok. July also brought me one of the best nights of the year, we went to see Elbow at Lytham Festival. It was amazing, I’ve seen Elbow a few times but it was indescribable, so memorable, just amazing. I danced all night, and it was only possible because my mum stepped in to babysit at the last minute.

August now it started stressfully but thats only because we were trying to work whilst juggling childcare. We couldn’t really send them to holiday clubs as they needed to be clear of covid for our holiday. We’d done it when schools were closed though, so we could do it again! We balanced everything, I’d work super early and into the night as well as getting through urgent things in the day. A sad goodbye to my brother and family and we’d done it. We did it, we made it to flight day!

We were going back to our second home, our happy place, Walt Disney World. After all this waiting and wishing and hoping we were back. There were tears of happiness and grateful prayers that we’d made it and had an amazing time. Far too much to describe here but suffice to say it was the best time we’d had yet!

August from our year meant a trip to see Mickey, picture shows Mickey and Minny with the family of five.

September I was sad as the holiday was over and my heart hurt with a longing to be back. But I knew we had to move forward. It was the start of a new school year. New schools for Thomas and Roo. One more step along the way we go! Thomas did it, he got the bus to his new school and he took it one day at a time. Roo settled in quickly to reception year and thankfully for his fiery character he seemed to behave at school! Unfortunately September also saw the Queens passing, I watched the funeral day and it felt draining, so much sadness. But glad she got to spend a wonderful platinum jubilee earlier in the year.

There was laughs though, mum had bought tickets to Jason Manford so we went to watch his show, it was hilarious! I’d hands down go again any day! I also had the idea to build a little display stand for the kitchen for some seasonal bits and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out for some old pallet wood!

October is another lovely month of the year, I love the change from summer to autumn, the amazing colours in the world. It was pretty ordinary for us, school was happening and work was being done. Felix did end up in hospital with his chest and low SATs following a cold but thank goodness again for the NHS being there when we needed them. As usual his care was fantastic and he was really well looked after on the ward. He was started on a twice daily steroid inhaler so we are hoping this will get him through the winter season with no more problems! It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, I did get to enjoy a spa day with my girlfriends which was followed by a night of a little too much bubbles! Whoops!

November brought bonfire night, remembrance Sunday and some wonderful autumnal days. We got out for some days out including Quarry Bank Mill amongst others. It was also my birthday and Roos too, he turned 5 and wanted a Jimmy Fallon cake! Nearly Christmas (my favourite time of year)!

a boy holds a sparklet
a jimmy fallon birthday cake

December, its a wrap! We made it skidding and sliding to the end of the year! Nativity’s, carol services, shows, presents…it all happened! We had a fab time! I don’t know how we packed so much in. A trip to Delemere lights, the Halle orchestra childrens show, a trip to Bents. We had our meal on Christmas eve with family at our house, then we went to the church crib service. We had Christmas day at home with just us, it was great. I even managed a run. We’ve had a fab year, its been a blast, heres to hoping 2023 is just wonderful too! Thank you universe!

small child dresssed in a shepherd outfit
three boys in front of a lit christmas tree in a church

This is a link to part 2 of our holiday vlog onboard the MSC Virtuosa in summer 2021. If you want to see part one click here.

In August we were lucky to be able to make it on holiday and we went on a cruise. It was aboard the MSC Virtuosa and we cruised around the UK on the following schedule:

Day 1 – Southampton (boarding) 

Day 2 – Isle of Portland Day 3 – Day at Sea 

Day 4 – Liverpool 

Day 5 – Greenock (Scotland) 

Day 6 – Belfast (N.Ireland) 

Day 7 – Day at Sea Day 8 – Southampton (Disembark)

I booked our holiday on the MSC website. For more info on MSC cruise holidays see https://www.msccruises.co.uk

In August we were lucky to be able to make it on holiday and we went on a cruise. It was aboard the MSC Virtuosa and we cruised around the UK on the following schedule:

Day 1 – Southampton (boarding)

Day 2 – Isle of Portland Day 3 – Day at Sea

Day 4 – Liverpool

Day 5 – Greenock (Scotland)

Day 6 – Belfast (N.Ireland)

Day 7 – Day at Sea Day 8 – Southampton (Disembark)

So we made it to Friday of week 1 in lockdown. Somehow we did it. The first week of the school being closed. It has helped massively that the weather has been sunny, so I could throw open the doors and let the boys play outside. Meaning I could get on with work.

I read something this week that made me really think. This isn’t home schooling, this is crisis schooling. Home schooling is something very different. Home schooling is actively choosing to deregister your child and dedicate your time to teaching them. Thats not what we are doing. We are trying to keep the children safe whilst working full-time jobs. Of course I want them to continue their learning but it’s not easy. Its even harder whilst trying to stop Roo from being a menace and demanding attention.

He’s got up to all sorts this week including eating the bread I put out for the birds to have (which did make me laugh…things aren’t that bad we still have food!).

A little boy is eating torn up pieces of bread directly from a bird table

This week I’ve tried to take it in turns with them to sit down with them and get through the work that school is sending everyday whilst still getting on with my work. On some days I’ve not been able to put the time into getting my job done so I’ve worked in the evening as well to make up the hours. I don’t want to let anyone down at work. Working for the NHS we are all in this together, I need to be part of the team and make sure I’m doing everything I can to help where I can.

I’ve probably not done enough with them but I can try harder next week. In my head I’ll be happy if they get through a piece of writing, a maths exercise and some creativity everyday. I’m very grateful that school are sending work each day, it helps me focus with the boys. Even if we don’t get through it.

The climbing frame arrived so thats something to put together at the weekend. I do hope we get some more sunny days over the next few weeks!

But I’ve done it, I got through week 1. With fingers tightly crossed I hope we only have to go through another 11 weeks of this but I know that we may be facing more. If schools don’t go back until September then we have a very long road ahead but we can do it. We don’t have any choice. We CAN do this!

Week one over and out!


I know every man and his dog is talking about Covid-19 right now but nobody else can tell our story. I debated for a while if I would write about it but we’re living through history right now. If only for the childrens memory in future years to come I’ve decided to try and write a diary. I have started a vlog too but I won’t be uploading that until this strange time is over. I find vlogs way easier to do as I’m just talking but I wanted to write some words too.

Today is Tuesday 24th March, lots and lots have already happened. Yesterday Boris Johnson (the current Prime Minister) addressed the nation and effectively put the whole country on lockdown. Mainly because of all the idiots who are not listening to advice about staying indoors. We had a lovely sunny weekend last weekend and so many people were just out and about mingling together despite being told to social distance. Social distancing is staying at least 2m away from anyone who is not a member of your household.

Schools are closed to all those who are not key workers. Even though I work for the NHS we are lucky that Neil is home (working form home) so we are able to care for the children at home and keep them as safe as we can. I hope that all the teachers, assistants and nursery nurses are able to stay safe during this time.

All non essential shops have been ordered to close. Therefore now only food shops, pharmacies etc are allowed to be open.

My main worries (apart form the virus) is how we carry on teaching the children, whilst taking care of Roo and working. I’m stressed out daily by the sheer amount we have to get done. I’m trying to just think of one day at a time. So far we’ve got through two days of school and work and survived. We have been super lucky with the weather though as it’s been sunny. I do hope we have lots more sunny days as we can expand into the garden on those days and not feel so cooped up in the house.

I’ve set up a classroom in the playroom so they have space to work. I didn’t want to do it at the kitchen table as I’d be constantly cleaning it away and not able to set aside an area just for them to work.

We set up a spare laptop so they can do any online work set by school too, rather than using our laptops. My much loved MacBook is already on the edge of being ok, I’m dreading the day it finally gives up!

The boys school have been amazing so far at sending work daily over the class dojo app. It’s given me some direction in their learning and what they should be doing. Thomas is much harder work in getting him to sit down and do learning as he just doesn’t want to. But I’m trying very hard to not lose my patience with him and encourage him to do his work. I really don’t want him to suffer because of this.

I have ordered some swings and a climbing frame for them and last week I got a new trampoline. My hope is that it keeps them occupied and loving the outside. Hopefully they will come this week so we can build them at the weekend.


I’ve made a countdown chart with 14 weeks on it. I know nobody can say when this will end but I’m hopeful! So each weekday I can colour off a square and see how far we’ve come. I have to break it down as 14 weeks sounds like an awfully long time. Theres no way I can think of it as a whole like that or I’ll cry.

The biggest cause of my sadness is not being able to see my mum and dad. I’ve never spent so much time apart from my mum. I am massively grateful for technology and FaceTime her most days. We may only be 45 minutes apart in the car but we feel like a world away right now. I can’t wait to see my mum and dad again when this is over.

I’ve always been a positive person so I am looking for hope in this situation. I know in my head this will come to an end and life will return to normal again. I hope this makes people come together. My hope is that it helps people to realise that everyday normal is ok and that theres so much to be grateful for in life.

Over and out for now x

Some days boys I do wonder if I am ever enough for you?

I want to be the best mum I can be for you, I want you to know how much I love you. I want you to remember how hard I try everyday to be there for you.

I want to be able to spend time with each of you. Helping with homework, listening to you read. Helping with phonics and counting. Taking you swimming or teaching you to ride your bike. I want to always say ‘yes’ to your requests but often I can’t and I’m sorry boys.

But life’s so busy, work takes a lot of the week for me and your dad. Then time at home is taken up with house work. But I try, I try very hard to make it fun. I can’t ignore the housework or we’d live in a mess. If I didn’t sort the uniforms and your bags and things you wouldn’t have what you need for the week.

The there’s the flip side of being an employee. Am I doing enough at work. Is my mind distracted by thoughts of the boys and what’s the next thing I have to rush home to get them to on time. Do I give enough of myself to my job? Often I don’t feel like I am doing. Maybe I should do more but I don’t know how. I want to be the best I can be but it never feels like I am doing.

Am I doing enough for my friends. I’m certainly not keeping in touch enough. I’ve missed birthdays and anniversaries and that’s not what a friend should do.

I have so much I want to do, so much creativity. Theres so many vlogs I want to edit and publish to get your memories out there for you to keep forever but I just can’t find the time.

How do I make myself more productive, where can I find the extra time from? Should I start staying up later to cram more in?

So I’m sorry boys, I’m sorry for when I have to say no. I’m sorry for all the times I have to say ‘not now’, or ‘I’m too busy’. Please just know that I want to say yes but I just can’t let things slide and end up dropping a ball on my constant juggle to get everything right for you.

So when I started my blog back in 2014, I feel like I read other peoples blogs much more.

These days I barely open my laptop. The way I see the world outside my own family and home is on my phone. My favourite thing to do in an evening is watch some youtube vlogs or have a look through a few of my favourite peoples instagram stories.

I will read a blog post if its something I’ve searched for, I find some of the instructional ones really fab. I will search for reviews of things I have thought about buying too, those posts are often really useful too. But I don’t tend to follow a blog adn check back for new posts to read. Maybe its just the way everyone is now, dipping in and out when they come across posts that they want to read or have searched for.

One of my most popular posts is about my last breastfeeding with my middle baby, if you want to read it, its this one.

I love the visualness of a vlog or instagram story or even a just a picture. While we are talking about them I’ll link mine here too incase you fancy a follow.

Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/c/LyricGrace

Instagram –http://instagram.com/alittlelyrical

But I don’t want to lose my blog, its too old now and has too much of my boys growing up on it, so I will continue writing little and often. More than likely my posts will about our adventures and letters to the boys as they grow. Time passes so quickly.

Today and everyday I will slow down, soak in the moment and enjoy the minutes I have with the boys. I’m a very lucky mummy.

Today was the first time I’ve looked at my blog in a long time. I miss it.

I was asking myself how it got to such a long time gap.

The answer is easy. Life got in the way. Life has been tricky lately. I don’t want to say hard because that’s not the right word.

I’m grateful to have a privileged life compared to so many people.There’s a warm roof over my head, warm clothes, a warm bed. I have food on the table and for all those things I am grateful. It’s just been tough. I feel like I’m spinning plates and instead of keeping them spinning, when I’m not looking they are crashing and falling. Then when I replace them a different one falls.

With three children and both working full time it only takes one thing to drop and thats it, life is tricky.

In the last few weeks there have been hospital stays for Roo, illnesses, migraines, a broken wrist to name a few. I feel so guilty when I can’t go to work. It’s been made worse because I’m in a new job and I’m beginning to think they will assume I’m lazy and can’t cope with everything. Why is mum guilt so bad?

I’m trying really hard to sort everyone out and get them all to the right place at the right time so we can go to work. My husband is fantastic and helps lots but I still feel like its all my responsibility. I know if he reads this he’ll say its not at all but it’s just the way I feel. Sometimes I wonder if life would be easier if I gave up my job. But I love my job, I really love it and don’t want to leave. I’ve worked hard all my life to get where I am at work. I feel like I’d be failing if I just walked away.

I would just like life to give us a little break for a while. I’d like normal back. A nice normal life where I can drop the babies off to school and nursery and go to work and do a great job. So please life if you’re listening give me a little bit of normal.

Thank you!

If like me you have a preschooler then you’ll probably know who the Twirlywoos are! Did you know you could see them live though?

picture of the twirlywoos all having a cuddle

MEI Theatrical are delighted to announce that the wonderful world of Twirlywoos – as seen on CBeebies – will be brought to life on stage for the first time in 2019. Toodloo, Great BigHoo, Chickedy, Chick and Peekaboo will set sail around the UK in a brand-new theatrical adventure.

The show comes to The Epstein Theatre on Wed 20 – Thu 21 Feb and St Helens Theatre Royal on Sat 27 – Sun 28 April.

Featuring all the favourite characters from the hit TV show, expect mischief, music and plenty of surprises as the Twirlywoos embark on a new adventure onboard their Big Red Boat. With beautifully inventive puppetry, Twirlywoos Live! promises to be a laugh-out-loud treat for little ones. 

Twirlywoos Live! is recommended for ages 1+, with babes in arms welcome. The running time is 55 minutes with no interval.

Why not make the Twirlywoos Live your little one first theatre experience!


The Epstein Theatre

Date: Wed 20 – Thu 21 Feb 2019

Time: Wed 1:30pm, Thu 11:30am/ 1:30pm

Tickets: Adult £14.50/ Child £12.50/ Family £50

To book tickets please call 0844 888 4411* or go online at www.epsteinliverpool.co.uk* or in person at The Epstein Theatre Box Office from 12pm – 6pm Monday – Saturday.

*Subject to booking fee. All prices include a £1 per ticket venue restoration levy


St Helens Theatre Royal

Date: Sat 27 – Sun 28 April 2019

Time: Sat 1pm/ 4pm, Sun 1pm

Tickets: Adult £18/ Concession £17/ Child £16

Book in person at the Theatre Royal Box Office, Corporation Street, St. Helens, Merseyside WA10 1LQ (Mon–Sat 10am–5pm). Alternatively, call 01744 756 000 or log on to: www.sthelenstheatreroyal.com.

This week I started a brand new job! Not only was it my first day back after maternity leave had ended but everything was new. New job, new workplace, new colleagues…..
When I got home after my first day these were waiting form me from a friend. They are called candy floss and they are stunning!