This week I started a brand new job! Not only was it my first day back after maternity leave had ended but everything was new. New job, new workplace, new colleagues…..
When I got home after my first day these were waiting form me from a friend. They are called candy floss and they are stunning!


19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Candy Floss Roses for a New Job

  1. They are beautiful! Congratulations on the new job!

  2. What a kind friend, hope the new job is working out, it’s a tough one after maternity leave.

  3. Beautiful flowers, I hope the first week went really well.

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  4. Oh, they are beautiful. I’ve never seen them in that colour before. Congrats on a new job, I can imagine that must have been a big day. Hope you’re settling in now. #MySundayPhoto

  5. They are so pretty! Congrats on the new job x

  6. What ravishing roses, and so beautifully photographed. Congratulations, and hang in there about the baby. He’ll adjust.

  7. They are stunning and very thoughtful. Good luck with the new job. Love your logo by the way.

  8. What a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Good luck with the job. #mysundayphoto

  9. Hi Jane, it sounds like new & exciting times for you. I hope you in your new job quickly and what a nice friend you have! They are very pretty roses.


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