I love a good list and inspired by #TheList blog link up this is my weekly list:

Blessings & Highlights

Being able to finally put up the Elf door and let the Christmas advent countdown begin

Going late night Christmas shopping with my mum – it’s our yearly tradition for us and it was nice to be child free to look at all the fabulous decorated Christmas shops

Attending a Christmas party to celebrate another year of the breastfeeding peer support service in my area

Finding and buying matching Christmas PJ’s for the boys for Christmas eve to put in the Christmas eve box


Having a poorly baby who just wants mummy cuddles all the time – meaning I’m not getting much done

Surviving Monday with Daddy back at work – It was the first day I’d been alone with both children in 11 days

Getting the house back to normal after our holiday – the washing mountain is now smaller


Aims for next week

Get the Christmas decorations and tree out of the loft and up in the house

Make a donation to the local food bank

Get the Christmas cards written and sent before it gets too late

Make a list of all friends and family to buy for and make sure we haven’t missed anyone



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6 thoughts on “My Weekly List – 5th December 2014

  1. Ooh I do love a good list! I am liking your tasks for next week – it’s the only way things get done around here, especially before Christmas!

  2. I really must write the Christmas cards next week. We’ve already three and I hate doing them!

  3. Great list – it’s nice to take a moment and think about your highlights of the week.
    I find it so weird if my OH has been off work for even a couple of days so after 11 days I would really miss him not being home with us.

    I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog btw. 🙂

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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