26 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – A Winters Walk

  1. I love getting all wrapped up and heading out for a wintery walk to feed the ducks #MySundayPhoto

  2. How sweet, did they enjoy visiting the ducks

    Thank you for linking up

  3. What a cute little shot, it looks like he had fun visiting the ducks.

  4. I love feeding the ducks with little ones – such a great thing to do. #MySundayPhoto

  5. Awww we love feeding the ducks – and it looks like you had lots of fun!

  6. What a wonderful photo! It is such fun feeding the ducks x

  7. Gorgeous photo, did they enjoy a visit to see the ducks?

  8. Very cute, and it looks very peaceful where you were, Perfect. We love feeding the ducks too xx

  9. A lovely photo, it looks like your little one is spell bound. It’s nice to get out at this time of year without rain isn’t it?

  10. I do love a winter walk … so long as it doesn’t rain!

  11. Ah this is perfect, you can’t beat a family walk especially when there is ducks! x

  12. That’s one very excited face! Feeding the ducks is great 🙂

  13. Someone looks excited! It is always fun going to feed the ducks!

  14. I’m surprised the ducks haven’t flown off for warmer areas. I bet the kids loved to see them.

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