The main thing I wanted to do with a blog ahead of all other things was to create an online diary for our children so that they can look back in years to come and remember all the little things. Time is so short and life passes us by so quickly that its hard to remember everything that happens. Making and creating memories is what I try to do all the time so I’d like to start a regular post as a letter to our boys, I hope to write one each week, so here goes the first one.

Dear Boys,

Since the day I became mummy I have wanted to write a journal of your life and achievements so that you can look back and realise how far you’ve come and how many achievements you have under your belt. I started a little book not long after you were born but didn’t get very far, life got in the way and all of a sudden time seemed to speed up. I barely got time to make dinner each day let alone try to write a diary for you. Especially in the evenings as I sat by your cot willing you to go to sleep, trying to write with a pen and paper in the dark would have been impossible. Thank goodness though for technology, I can now start your letters on the mac and pick up exactly where I left off on the phone or ipad. I can even write in the dark with the back lit keyboard, or phone screen.
Boy you are 3 now and your brother has just turned 5 months. It really does seem like yesterday that you were as small as he is now. I’m sat here on our bed typing away as you are playing cbeebies games on the iPad and daddy has taken the Flixster for a walk to get him to nap. I love listening to you joining in, counting along or shouting at the games. You’re a whizz with technology and have known how to use the iPad since you were very small. You have a good memory for numbers and have known our passcode locks for a long time. Your current favourite number is 2278, which was your race number in Ironkids this year, except you tell everyone it’s your phone number then we have to pretend to ring you at work. Talking of IronKids, I was so proud of you that day, raising money for Reubens Retreat with all your friends despite the awful weather!

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This week has been hectic again. On Monday we went to see Grandma (on my side) and had fun all day as we usually do, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for you were spent in nursery as you usually do. We decided to continue with nursery once I went on maternity leave so that you had continuity and I am able to spend some time with Flixster. I still get to enjoy your company on Mondays and Fridays and of course weekends are spent with Daddy too. Your speech is really coming along now but you do come out with some cracking expressions and sayings. You really made me chuckle when we playing on the trampoline together today..

Boy – Can I sit on your tummy, theres no baby in there now…shall we have another baby
Me – Would you like to have another baby come and live with us?
Boy – Yes a boy, not a girl, I don’t like girls
Me – Ok what would we call him?
Boy – (After much thought..) …..Costco…..Bin…….Door……

Flixster what can I say, you make my heart burst with love every time I look at your beautiful face but you don’t half make me yawn! You’re not a keen fan of sleep, in bed for 7pm each night, back up by 8 crying, then up and down all night. I’m usually up with you 4 or 5 times a night, I’m one tired mummy. I keep telling myself its not forever and its only a short time but right now we could all do with a bit more shut eye! Poor daddy is still sleeping in the spare room so that he can get rest for work and we can share the bed safely. I love co-sleeping with you and have done since the day you were born but these get ups are hard work! I’d really appreciate it if you could cut the feeding down to maybe once or twice a night, it’d do us the world of good to get some more sleep…please?! You’re growing so fast though, 5 month already, soon be trying your first foods. Holding out to 6 months so that we can do baby-led weaning like we did with your brother. You’ve discovered your voice a lot more this week and have started making beautiful squeaky chatting noises. You still won’t nap in your cot so I carry you in the wrap for all your naps. We should work on that soon. I just can’t bare to let you cry though so it’ll be a gentle transition, once I work out where to start. Please bear with me I’m still a learner mummy!
Please always remember I love you both unconditionally….forever.
Love Mummy xx

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