I’ve sat here with the heading “My First Blog Post” staring back at me for some time now. I’ve made a cup of tea and sat down again. I then checked my emails and looked again, over to Facebook and back. All the things you do when you’re trying to avoid actually doing something. Its a good job when I was at school studying for my exams the internet was just getting popular at home, or I’d have never got anything actually done.

I’ve just googled “My first blog post” and there are a million articles out there telling you how to write the perfect post and results showing other peoples first posts. I could of course just use a standard template, but thats not me. Thats not at all personal. How will you ever know if you want to continue reading if I don’t use my own personality. Every blogger started somewhere so he is my beginning.
I may as well start by telling you a little about myself. I’m a married mum of two boys. (Well thats the weirdest sentence that I’ve ever written, inside I still feel like a teenager!) But the truth is that yes I’m married and have been since 2008 to my best friend. He is my rock in life and keeps me sane and grounded, yet he also encourages my hopes and dreams and walks beside me to help me achieve them. We have two beautiful boys the first nicknamed The Boy who is 3 and the youngest we call Flixster, he’s just 5 months at the moment. They are our world and we have both changed for the better since becoming parents. My nickname on the internet is Lyric, its a word I’ve always really liked (Is that weird? Do other people have words they are fond of?) I don’t really know where it came from but it’s been my word since I was in my teens, which explains why my blog is called “A Little Lyrical”. When I was trying to think of blog names I knew I wanted to incorporate the word ‘lyric’ somewhere so it seemed appropriate that the dictionary definition of lyrical is….

Lyrical (Adjective) – (of literature, art, or music) expressing the writer’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.

I hope I can live up to the definition, do the people at the Oxford english dictionary police these words as well as define them?!
There are two reasons I wanted to start a blog. I read a lot of blogs myself and really enjoy the diary aspect of them. I would love my boys to look back in years to come and see all the wonderful things we get up to as a family, all the things that they will forget about or won’t remember. The daft funny little things that make us who we are as a family. The forgotten things they say and do can be preserved forever for them to enjoy. The other reason I’ve started a blog has come from a friend. I have a close friend who has a very successful blog (www.letstalkmommy.com) and a chat one day over coffee has inspired me. Her blog drops into my inbox almost everyday and I love catching up with what she’s doing and most of all I love the diary element of her work. Recording memories for years to come.

I love crafting myself and over the years my paper scrapbooking has evolved into digital scrapbooking, each week I complete a Project Life style page (https://beckyhiggins.com) so that we can remember what we’ve been up to week by week. Digital scrapbooking suits me as I am a tidy person, so although I enjoy making a paper page I hate the tidying up of the mess it leaves behind. Closing a laptop lid is much easier! Plus having children I lack the space anymore to have the luxury of a craft room in the house. I love that I can pick up where I left off with digital scrapbooking in a few seconds I’m set up and ready to go. So I guess I’m hoping a blog will work well alongside my scrapbooking and other memory making.
Whats my blog going to be about? I’ve thought long and hard about what I would like to write about, but I don’t think I can fit myself into any boxes, I don’t want to just limit myself to one subject. Life itself is colourful and varied and so my blog will be too. I guess given where I am currently in my journey through life I’d probably fit into the parenting blog category most of all but not all my posts will be about children!
I guess it’s time to conclude my first post and I think this is probably harder than starting it, do I just shout BYE and leave? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about me and if my life sounds like something you’d like to read about then you’re very welcome to read my blog and hopefully you’ll find something thats interesting, relevant and inspiring to you. If it’s not you’re kinda thing then all I can say is thanks for reading this and hopefully you’ll find something more suitable elsewhere in the universe! Feel free to leave any comments on my page whenever you like, I’d love to get to know others out there.

Lyric x

Me and the boys

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