Where did the last 6 months go? Blink and you missed it. I can not believe that this little guy is 6 months already. Let the adventures in baby led weaning begin! Spaghetti and meatballs certainly went down well! I love baby led weaning for the ease of just having what you are having. I’m not super keen on the mess but it’s only short term and at least with this glorious weather we can eat outside!



We are no strangers to cooking outside in our house. My husband is out in all weather with the BBQ or pizza oven. Friday round our way was such a lovely day, sunny and beginning to feel warmer. So with the warmth of the air we decided to make it the first pizza oven night of the year. We bought this pizza oven by Uuni a couple of years ago and it’s had a lot of use since then. It’s unbelievable quick to cook, just 60-90 seconds per pizza so you have to be prepared to get them in and out no hanging about. It has a stone base and is fired by wood pellets. One Friday we prepped 5 smallish pizzas to share between the 4 of us with various toppings. Once again it didn’t disappoint! Yummy yummy!


I did it, he arrived. We are getting to know each other in the world.
He was born at home on the 29th November, I’m still in shock that I did it again. I brought my baby into the world by myself at home (watched on by the amazing midwifes).
We are in love.
I am a mummy of three boys.
Welcome to the world little Roo.
new baby roo

My Sunday Photo – Coffee Table

coffee table
Staying with last weeks theme of baby bump photos because I’ll never get this chance again. This week marks 38-39 weeks pregnant. The bump now makes a perfect coffee table for my morning coffee. A nice big bottomed mug sits perfectly on top of the bump. The problem comes when I try to eat something and it ends up all down me because I can’t get close enough to a table or plate to catch the crumbs! I’m sure all pregnant ladies will know my predicament!
my sunday photo
This weeks photo is me.
For all my flaws and dislikes of my own picture, one day I’ll look back and want to see what I looked like pregnant.
I’m 37 weeks now, time has flown. I haven’t really got many pictures of the bump so when my mum took this at the Ideal Home Show this week I thought it would make a good memory. This is most likely our last baby, the last boy in the trilogy. He has no name yet and we won’t pick one until we meet him. I’m planning another home birth and all being well he’ll arrive near his due date (hopefully after my birthday). Although in theory I’m ready for him any day I’d like to have a few more weeks of my final pregnancy to enjoy before he arrives.

This week I’ve chosen a picture that represents my lovely husband. He and I are coffee lovers, him so much more than me. When we moved in together I ‘thought’ I liked coffee but I was drinking instant everyday, 10 years later I’m not actually sure we have an instant in the house! He doesn’t drink or smoke so his guilty pleasure is coffee. He is lusting after a particular bean to cup machine where he can be his very own barista but as he is currently between jobs we are holding out for now. On that note if anyone is looking for a Solutions Architect (thats an IT thing!) let me know please! So in the meantime he is running his own experiments with coffee, this week was a cold brew filter coffee, which once brewed could be heated. I have to say I did try some and it did have a different taste to when you use hot water. I don’t really understand the intricacies of coffee and the art that is brewing it, it’s all about how well roasted the beans are and when they were roasted etc but I know my hubby is very interested in learning about it and I love him for his passion! It’s our 8 year wedding anniversary this week, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by, but two children and a new house later I am a little older and a little happier each day and am very grateful for everything we have in life.