I haven’t taken part in Sunday Photo for a while, in fact I haven’t put a post out for a while either. Life has just got in the way. I have a baby on me 24 hours a day. He eats on me. Naps on me. Sleeps on me. You get the picture. It’s hard to type when I don’t have free hands! So yesterday I got the chance to take my eldest to a birthday party. He doesn’t get invited to a lot of parties as he hasn’t got a particular friendship group. He just mixes well with everyone. The party was at the local climbing walls and he loved it! I was so proud of how hard he tried and how much fun he had in doing so!

my sunday photo


6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Birthday Party Invites

  1. Took me a moment to spot him the background is so colourful! I rememebr those baby days, they are indeed very busy. Must have been nice to get out for a bit. #mysundayphoto

  2. That sounds like a brilliant birthday party, my girls would love this.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  3. That looks like great fun – he must have had a great time x #MySundayPhoto

  4. Oh wow! That looks like fantastic fun! What a great party x

  5. Climbing walls are such a great idea for kids parties, I know my kids loved going and joining in with parties there. #MySundayPhoto.

  6. The design of those walls look amazing! And its so brave of your son to try to climb it! #MySundayPhoto

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