Thankfully spring is here, I love all the seasons for very different reasons and this week we’ve had some fabulous weather but today in the North West was a bit of a washout! A welly day for sure! So my Sunday photo is a shot of my new ankle wellies in the rain!




9 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Spring is Sprung

  1. Spring is easily my favourite season, loving the funky wellies.

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Hope you have some sunshine soon, though I love the colours on your wellies

  3. I love those wellies! It looks like you needed them 😀

  4. I agree that spring is here and I am so happy to say it! We cant wait to explore what spring has to offer this year! #MySundayPhoto

  5. i love this shot. it is so much fun. those wellies are a hoot; so cute. great shot.

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