This week the photo I took was one when I had that very rare thing ‘me time’! The smallest was napping , the boy had gone out with daddy to exchange some of our blu-rays for some Wii games (he’s just got into playing the wii) and so after I had spent some time running around like a crazy women doing a few household chores I decided to get out the sewing machine and make a start on some new bunting for the play room. I’ve had this fabric for ages waiting to make something from it and I love the idea of making bunting (one of my favourite things in the world!) The fabric is form Ikea and I veleive from what I have read that it was designed by Cath Kidston but not sold under her name. I don’t know if thats true though but I just love it!

My sunday photo





10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Sewing time (or at least I’m trying!)

  1. I love the fabric, my wife loves making things

    Thank you for linking up

  2. That material is gorgeous, I love the flowers, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  3. That fabric is gorgeous! So pretty!

  4. We have that beautiful floral fabric too! It’s always nice to have some ‘me’ time! #MySundayPhoto xx

  5. I have a sewing machine but it got broken so I cant do sewing lately. I miss sewing! Love the fabric! #MySundayPhoto

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