Right now I’m sat in Starbucks typing this alone as my lovely hubby has given me some baby free time so I’m going to start with my gratitude list.

Blessings and Highlights

Being able to sit alone in Starbucks alone for a couple of hours with my laptop typing away to my hearts content (thanks to my hubby) after a hard day stuck indoors with a baby who just wants to be stuck to me all the time (This too shall pass)

Enjoying a breakfast out with my parents and the boys – it was quite chaotic but the boy really enjoyed himself!

Having a lovely day at my mums house with the boys on Monday – watching ‘The Snowman’ with my Mum

Attending the first home birth meeting being restarted in my area

Meeting up with old friends for an afternoon/night out in Manchester – it was lovely to have some good food and drinks and a proper girly chat! One too many mulled wines and some prosecco later and I was in bed for 10:30!



Watching the boys having interactions together under the Christmas tree



Challenges of the Week

A beautiful 8 month old baby who’s only happy when stuck to my side – its hard, really hard

A beautiful 8 month old baby who feeds every hour or so throughout the night, every night

Trying to find the time to make all the handmade bits I want to get done in time for Christmas

Trying to find the time to do some things I need to do for work

Things still to do before Christmas

Post the Christmas Cards – They are written, they just need posting now

Wrap the children’s and family Christmas presents

Put the marzipan on the Christmas cake and leave it to settle

Write a list of food we are going to buy for Christmas

Get in touch with people we are going to see over crimbo limbo time to schedule a meet up

Make a CD of festive music for my mums car, for when she’s driving to see us on Christmas eve

Visit the Manchester Christmas markets one last time before they are gone for another year

Find and buy a 2015 diary I like so that I try to get organised for the new year as I’m going back to work after maternity leave – I’m fussy with diaries, I like to have somewhere each day or week to write notes so it has to be just right.



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6 thoughts on “My Weekly List – 12th December 2014

  1. Aww I appreciate the little things since becoming a mum too – like a few minutes of ‘me time’! I also understand how hard it is having a baby who wants to be held etc all the time – it’s exhausting sometimes. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Mim 🙂 #TheList

    • Before becoming a mum you take drink a cup of coffee with two hands in peace and quiet for granted, funny how it becomes a special treat! Thanks for commenting. Have a good weekend too!

  2. Are you going to visit santy?

  3. Lots of things to be thankful for, which is totally the right to look at life. HOWEVER, massive hugs for the sleep deprivation and clingy baby stuff. It isn’t easy but you’re doing a great job and before you know it you’ll be worried about something else 🙂 but at least you’ll have more sleep! Thanks for linking up to #thelist xxx

    • Thank you, I am and always will be grateful for what I have in life and making myself see that always helps me to turn the negatives – including little sleep – into positives. You’re right though there will be something else once the sleep is better. Right now though I’d settle for a bit more shut eye….zzzzz

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