My first vlog!

Ok, so new year new start and all that!

I have long been addicted to watching youtube. I love it. My most recent love being the many speed cleaning videos. They are so motivational for me.

However youtube has taught me lots. I’ve learnt how to tile a bathroom. Change brake pads on the car.  How to mend a big hole in the art ceiling. It really is my go to media for everything.

So in 2018 I thought I’d try starting some regular vlogs. I love watching other people’s everyday life.

first vlog

I know I had to start some where. I’m sure most people hate the sound of their own voice and watching themselves on camera. I am no exception to that.

I have however made my first vlog……I’m cringing just thinking about it.

But I figure if I don’t start somewhere I really will never get started.

So here it is!

Drum roll……………my first terrible vlog. Entitled “My first terrible vlog!”

It’s very short as I kinda have my hands full at the moment with a new born and two others and I hereby promise to do better.

Please be kind…….ekkkk

4 thoughts on “This is AWKWARD!

  1. I think you are a natural and keep it up. I can’t wait to watch more of your videos. Welcome to vlogging. I still am not used to it but want to do it once a week this year is my goal. EEEK wish me luck. I look forward for slimming world as I am doing slimming world now just to keep healthy while pregnant so that I hopefully don’t have to lose too much at the end.

    • Thanks Jenny, I found slimming world great for pregnancy and it really helped me stay healthier than previous pregnancies. You have and always do look great pregnant! X

  2. Just watched your first vlog! It’s fab & you are def a natural. Do you have any new mum tips you can share? I’m thinking you must have a fair bit of experience with 3 boys & what you really do & don’t need. There’s so much stuff out there it’s hard to know. Good luck with the slimming world too. Great start x

    • Thank you for commenting. New mum tips, now thats difficult. Everyone says it’s hard and you really don’t know until little one arrives how hard it is. Life completely changes (for the better!) and I suppose just don’t try to get everything done. Easier said than done! Just accept offers of help if they come!

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