I’ve been meaning to write a list of my favourite songs for a while.

I love music, it plays a big part in my life. When I’m down it brings me back up and when I’m happy it just makes me want to dance. I thought it’d be nice to share my favourites and the reasons why. I’d love to hear everyone else favourite music to. I’ll do it backwards chart style!


5. Elbow – One Day Like This

I love how this song makes me feel, happy. I love the strings, it just feels so big and beautiful!

4. Lonestar – Amazed

This is the song we had our first dance to on our wedding day. Hearing it always takes me back to that day, the love I felt and still feel now for my best friend who I was lucky enough to marry.

3. Celine Dion – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

I’m not sure how much explanation this song needs, I just love it. It’s how I feel about my babies.

2. Katie Melua – Thank You Stars

This could easily be my joint number 1 song, I adore the meaning behind it. I thank the universe and stars everyday for all that I have, for hubby and my boys. I don’t know whats up there in the universe but its something and for all I have been given I am grateful. This song sums up my feelings.

1. Coldplay  – Fix You

My all time favourite song for a few reasons. Back in July 2005 when the hubby and I were still dating he took me to see Coldplay at the then Reebok Stadium (Boltons home ground) and I was already a massive fan of the song (which was new back then). The very last song they played was Fix You and before they played it they explained that they were also filming the video that night. They played it through twice (what a treat) and filmed the crowd as we sang along. I cried! I bought the single on CD as I knew it included the video and so had already become a special song to me.

On the morning that Flixster was born at home I had my playlist on random in the room as I was giving birth in the pool and just as he was being born this song came on. Of all the songs that I had (and there were a lot) it happened to be this one. This song was the first thing he heard when he joined us earthside. It was also apt as his birth fixed me after going through a tough time with the boys birth. Lights will guide you home…..

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12 thoughts on “My Favourite Songs

  1. Coldplay ‘Fix You’ is an Epic Song! My mummy is a Coldplay fan and when she hears this song it makes her cry as her father passed away just after it came out x

  2. Shannan on April 24, 2015 at 10:08 pm said:

    Brilliant list hun…I’m totally into my music. Love cold play and Celine Dion is my all time fav female artist.
    My 1st dance song at my wedding was ‘ALL MY LIFE’ by KC and JoJo!

  3. Have to agree about Fix You. It’s a great sing and it’s also one which is inextricably linked to the birth of our second child (although it’s not the one that was playing when he was actually born).

    • Aww how lovely, what song was playing when he was born then? I’d love to know.

      • Toby was born to Sinead O’Connor’s version of Nothing Compares 2 U. For each of our 3, we had a playlist of about 70 hand-picked songs running on shuffle. The other two were born to Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting and Erma Franklin’s Piece of My Heart – that last one is my favourite of all.

        • Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I love that your babies have their own birth songs. Nothing compares to you is a very beautiful song indeed!

  4. Oh I do love ‘Amazed’ too – lovely choice! I always like finding out what everyone else’s fave songs are 🙂 Mim x #thelist

  5. Love that Elbow track and I’d not heard the Katie Melua track, it’s lovely.

    Some great choices! thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    • Thanks for checking the post out. If you like the Katie Melua track you should def check out her albums, there are some stunningly beautiful songs by her. She has a best of album called ‘The Katie Melua Collection’ which is often on shuffle in my house, its a good place to start!

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