19 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Lovely photo – looks like he is very happy to be meeting the veggies 🙂

  2. Brilliant photo! Those veggies look super happy as does your son! 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  3. Such a great photo. He looks so happy. But yes Mr Bloom himself would have been brilliant.

  4. Loving the expression, he looks very happy to meet them

    Thank you for linking up

  5. What a great photo! I love his expression x

  6. Oh how cool he looks so cheerful, Clio popping by for Coombe Mill

  7. He looks so happy! Kids love all this TV character stuff don’t they 🙂

  8. nooo I’ve now got ‘meet the veggies’ going through my head and that’s not good before bedtime!!!

    He looks very happy and very cute!

  9. He looks like he can be a bit of an imp from time to time… or am I wrong?

  10. One of my son’s fave too! #mysundayphoto

  11. He looks very happy 🙂 A fan?!

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