Time is flying by and it’s already time for the second siblings pictures. This month my favourite was a photo I took of them both just as they played together. I didn’t intentionally take it with the project in mind but having seen the results I knew it would be the one for this month. They are starting to play so nicely together. It buys me a little time to run in and out of the room if I need to get something done.

I’m trying to teach the boy to hug Flixster around the middle rather than around his neck like he normally does!

Flixster adores his big brother, his face still lights up when he enters the room, especially if it’s a day when they have been apart from each other. I do hope in the future they will stay close friends.

At the moment they are loving a new toy that was kindly given to us by a friend. It’s a little playground with a slide, a ferris wheel and some jumping stairs, that large bean shaped objects play on. It’s a toy that they can both enjoy although it is aimed at babies rather than an almost 4-year-old but thankfully it keeps him entertained too, it features in many of my photographs! Although there are a few other toys that they can play together this is their main one. I’m on the look out now though for other things that are suitable. Once Flixster is toddling about though I hope that there will be more things like footballs and playing outside together.




I adore my boys and am loving watching them grow up together. My absolute favourite capture for this month though I have left until last. I’m looking forward to seeing the end results at the end of this year. What a fab project to be involved with!



dear beautiful

8 thoughts on “Siblings – A photograph project {February 2015}

  1. Oh that last one could melt butter. So beautiful. What gorgeous captures of your boys this month darling. Love them. #siblings

  2. Oh what gorgeous photos – and I love the headlock hug – my Kitty used to hug Elma like that and I rather missed it when she grew out of it (and into picking her sister up and carting her around by her middle!!)

  3. They look so cute together, and so alike. How sweet that they are playing together. My two are already fighting over toys lol

  4. What little cuties. Big brothers are the best!

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