On Friday during the day hubby and I decided the weather was lovely so why not make it the day to make our annual trip to Blackpool lights. We live about an hour away. Each year since th boy was born we’ve been to see them. We usually only go the the Bispham end of Blackpool where they have some tableau style displays that you can walk along. We always get fish and chips to eat before the walk and the boys love it. Pretty much year on year they are the same with a few little differences but still we love it. Its a family tradition!img_0411


5 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Blackpool Lights

  1. I’ve never visited Blackpool but we keep saying we will one day

    Thank you for linking up

  2. I’d love to go and see the Blackpool lights, looks wonderful

  3. I’ve heard about the Blackpool lights are so fun!

  4. My cousin lives at the Bispham end of Blackpool, but we’ve not been up there since 2007, it was much easier to get in and out to see the lights #mysundayphoto

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