I love lists, I’m definitely a list maker. I have lists for everything all over the house, as well as on my iPhone & iPad. I’m constantly ticking off and rewriting lists. If I have a list to work from or towards I feel complete. Please don’t ask me how often I complete a whole list though! I’ve not really written many lists for my blog yet but inspired by the list link up here’s a list I’ve thought about writing for a while. So here it is, a list of things I’d love to do in my lifetime if I get the chance. Purely a self indulgent list of luxury things that I’d love to try!

– Stay in a 5* hotel with hubby
– Go on a skiing holiday
– Take my mum with us to Walt Disney World
– Visit Australia
– Have afternoon tea in the Shard and then stay there
– Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
– Go down that super long zip wire in Wales
– Go on a cruise with the boys (and hubby of course!)
– Travel first class on an aeroplane

Well there it is my fantasy indulgent lifetime wish list.

What would be on your ultimate list?

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4 thoughts on “Lifetime List

  1. I’d love to cruise the Norwegian fjords and then see the Northern Lights. I need to get a passport first!

  2. I think I shall just take your list and make it my bucket list! Keep it in mind all the time – the more you focus on it, the more likely it’ll happen love!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList 🙂 Great to have you xxx

    • Thank you, I do very much believe in cosmic wish lists and cosmic ordering etc so I do try to connect with the universe often. I’ll be keeping my list in mind and report back if any of them happen!

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