It’s already been over a week and a half since I last posted on my blog. Life just seems to get in the way. I have so many things I’d like to spend time writing about and documenting, but I never seem to be able to find the time.

I have a full time job and on the days I’m not in work I have Flickster to look after. I also volunteer as a peer supporter at the breastfeeding group each week so that takes up another morning. Then of course there are weekends, which are spent in a spin of washing, cleaning, family time, going out.

I must make more of an effort to spend just a little more time documenting life as a family. I want the boys to have their memories to look through in years to come and my blog is way of doing this.

The other thing of course that takes up a lot of our time at the moment is moving house. It’s really getting quite stressful as we move towards the date we are hoping to move into our forever home, with packing, putting things in storage and sorting through all the clutter there seems to be little time for me ever but I suppose thats standard for mums.

Once we are in the new house though, our forever home I will make more time for me and for making memories for the boys that they will have to treasure forever. But in the meantime I must remember this famous quote…


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