So the last few weeks theres has been a story in the news about a mother who is breastfeeding her 6 year old. Being quite involved in breastfeeding myself as a volunteer supporter at my local breastfeeding group people often ask to see what my opinion is. Being involved in breastfeeding, people often challenge my opinions as well or want to tell me their own story. I’m always open to listening to peoples own journeys, why they may or may not have chosen to breastfeed. The problems they may have come across. What puts people off and what horror stories they have heard before.

When the news story came out about a mum still feeding her 6 year old it put breastfeeding in the news once again. Once again people are talking about it. What I don’t understand though is why people are bothered? Why do people feel they need to express an opinion about how that particular mum chooses to bring up her children? How does it affect anyone else other than the mum and the child? Why judge something you no nothing about? Whether you have or haven’t breastfed in your life, someone else’s feeding relationship has nothing to do with you. From the comments I have read on various news threads it seems some people can be very nasty, saying things about psychological damage to the child. What concern is it of theirs? Why even comment on a story like that? What if the child reads all of those nasty comments when they are older, surely that would do more damage to the child.

I have read the story, I have read many comments in support of her and many that are not, and I have read what various ‘experts’ have to say about it. Some experts have real qualifications, some lets say are questionable! But what I think of the situation doesn’t need to be expressed, it has nothing to do with me. What that mum does has no affect on my life or that of my own children. So please just leave her be, let her get on with her own life the way that she feels is best for her and her own children. If she’s out and about feeding and you don’t like it look the other way, no ones making you look at her.

I’m not saying what I feel about it, it doesn’t matter if I agree or don’t agree, if I support her or not, it just doesn’t matter. It’s her child, her choice and her life.



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  1. Absolutely amazing post. This is my favorite piece you have written so far. So true. Too many people in life are quick to judge others out there. It doesn’t matter what we think about the situation. I am so sick of breastfeeding being judged one way or another. It’s the individual mothers choice for her child and each child is a different experience. Great Hunny.

    • Thanks Jenny, I too am fed up of other people being judged for many things, especially around parenting choices. Your choice for your children is exactly that YOUR choice. Thanks for commenting x

  2. I love this. It is so so true. I breastfed my daughter until she was over two because that was right for us. But I have had the odd person judging me a bit and it makes me so mad, especially because I am not great at standing up for myself, even though my opinions about it are strong. It is none of their business and doesn’t affect them in the slightest. Great post x #sharewithme

    • Thanks for commenting, well done for feeding for so long. What a great acheivement! You’re right, even when we are passionate about something we believe in we sometimes find it hard to defend ourselves. Nobody should judge anyone else, its not fair. Like the saying goes unless you have something nice to say don’t say it!

  3. Here here!!!
    I couldn’t have said it better!!! People are so quick to judge. I have just written a post about people being ‘ok’ with page three but then cause a big scene if they see a breastfeeding woman!!!
    It is a personal choice and parenting is hard enough without people judging x

  4. I agree. There are other more important issues to talk about.

  5. Hello there, I totally agree-I have had a bit of stick for breastfeeding for a long time but it worked for us! Everyone seems to have an opinion on it, but really it comes down to the individual I think, there seems to be a preconception that all children should be brought up in the same way, but in reality we figure out what works best for us I guess! Really enjoyed your post, and looking forward to reading more. x #sharewithme

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