This is my first time joining in with a photo project that has a specific theme. I love that I have a focus, something to capture. I have known about the various photo projects run by Lucy from Dear Beautiful blog for quite a while, I have long admired hers and other peoples pictures posted each month. In particular I admire my friend Jenny’s (Let’s Talk Mommy) pictures as I love to watch her beautiful children grow both in real life and on her blog. With the start of a new year I thought it was the ideal time to join in so that I can look back in another years time and watch how my two boys have grown. So my first picture is part of the #siblings photo project. A photograph of my two boys together…..riiiiiight! This is a challenge in itself. The boy won’t keep still and when he does then Flixster is moving around. Or the boy won’t even pose, or he hugs Flixster across the face, or sits on him etc etc and so it goes on. I’m not sure that my pictures are particularly good but they do capture us, in our moment! As you can see…..

IMG_1069 IMG_1075 IMG_1097


I do however have a favourite from over the Christmas period, this was them on Christmas Eve with their matching christmas pjs on from the Christmas Eve box.


I’m so proud of the boy and how he has adapted to life as family of four in 2014 year. He has welcomed Flixster into our life with open arms and for the most part seems to love him (except when he’s crying). Flixster adores his big brother and his face lights up when his big brother enters the room. Flixster laughs at the boy being silly and encourages his cheeky side. I hope that the coming year sees them grow a strong bond as brothers which will continue a lifelong friendship for them both.





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18 thoughts on “Siblings – A photograph project

  1. Ahhh so adorable. Glad you joined the project. Lucy does amazing family portrait projects. Your boys are looking so very grown up. I can’t believe how fast time is going and that Missy Moo and Buba will be 2 and 4 this summer. AHHH where has it gone. And the boys will be starting school come Sept. That is so scary and exciting all the same time. Lovely photos of them hunny.

    • Thanks Jenny, I adore Lucy’s work and love love loved looking at your look back on the year featuring your two beautiful babies. I can’t believe MM is two this year either. Time has flown! Xx

  2. Yippee! And welcome to Siblings – I suspect you’ll find it very addictive and I hope you’ll be glad you joined in. And oh yes to the challenge of getting two little ones to sit even vaguely still for photos! Top tips would be to find something that they can both concentrate on that isn’t you – give them a toy to hold together or something, and as they get bigger you can sneak up on them for a candid shot! I love all your shots for the brotherly love that’s so apparent in all of them, and the matching PJ shot is just too cute!

    • Thank you for the kind words and the tips, I’m looking forward to trying them out over the next month! I’m not sure I’ll ever get them to sit still for more than one second but I’ll keep trying! #siblings

  3. Hurrah – welcome to Siblings! I know that you’ll love it here; this is such a fun project, and it’s going to be so rewarding to look back at the end of the year and enjoy your collection of photographs of your children together.

    That Christmas Eve picture especially is just lovely! And I have pyjama envy – those are too cool!

  4. These pics are adorable, I also love the one of them together, and totally get the frustration of trying to capture them together. I can never get a photo of all of ours looking at the camera, or the little one now just never sits still for a picture. I have so many blurred pictures. Need to keep your big camera around and have it on action mode, that’s what I have realised I’m going to have to do with the baby haha. These shots are beautiful and welcome to Siblings, going to enjoy your snaps this year #siblings

  5. I joined in with #Siblings last year and we loved it… so are back this year for more… I’m sure you’ll love it too! Love those action shots. Always a challenge with little ones!! But definitely a worthwhile one! Lovely to “meet” you through #Siblings!

    • Thank you, you’re right its like trying to capture a good picture of excited monkeys, impossible! Hopefully though with practice and armed with new tips I’ll get some good shots!

  6. What little cuties they are!

  7. These photos are lovely. So natural.

  8. Ahhh, welcome to the fun. It’s certainly a challenge getting nice sibling snaps isn’t it? One of these months I’ll have to count up how many attempts it takes me to get one half decent one.
    I love the Christmas PJs one, they look thick as thieves cuddled up together in their matching jammies.
    Thanks so much for joining us. x

  9. lovely pictures, they both look so cute in their matching pjs x

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