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My picture this week, isn’t a beautiful shot. It isn’t something stunning. It’s not something you’d put on the wall. But it’s a picture I just want to savour. A napping 2 year old after a busy day. In just a few short years he will have grown. In just a few short years theres no way he’d do this anymore. Fast asleep. Totally zonked out. This was only yesterday. After a busy day travelling on steam trains he fell asleep on the way home. He woke briefly as he came into the house, only to fall back asleep again. I left him for a little while but it was almost bedtime.
Every parents dilemma, a nap near bedtime. I tried to wake him by putting on his pyjamas. He wasn’t for waking. I carried him upstairs and put him to bed. He still asleep now. Fingers tightly crossed he stays that way all night. A sleeping baby (well he’s a toddler I suppose) is just so innocent. I just want to kiss his face and feel his breath on my face. I love him so dearly.

6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Sleepy Time

  1. Ah once they go after a busy day that can be it. I hope you had your full night. A lovely photo to remember a busy day

  2. So cute, my daughters used to fall asleep anywhere when they were younger

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Chantelle Hazelden on April 2, 2017 at 10:39 am said:

    Oh so cute when sleeping! Wonderfully peaceful.

  4. Aww! What a peaceful photo!
    I really miss my girls napping. hehehe x

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