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My Sunday Photo – Climbing Higher

This week I’ve looked through the photographs I’ve taken and it took a while to chose. It’s been half term here and it hasn’t exactly gone to plan. My youngest son (2) has been ill all week. So all the things I had planned for myself and the eldest (5) to do together as a treat while youngest was at nursery had to either be cancelled or replanned. Thanks to family and hubby we have managed to juggle childcare. Although I did have to take carers leave form work on Wednesday (which I felt so bad about since it was my only day in this week)
On Friday we booked to go to the local leisure centre and have a go at climbing. The leisure centre has recently been refurbished. It has new added feature such as the climbing walls, a BMX park and a soft play area. This is the first time we’ve been climbing here and the boys first time ever trying climbing. The session runs for an hour and you just pick and chose which walls to try, the instructor clips you on and away you go. When you’ve finished the wall you just let go and walk back down whilst the automatic harness does the trick of taking your weight. I absolutely loved it! Although my arms are aching really badly today, with muscle I never even knew I had!
As well as the walls there is a set of poles that reach 5m in height to climb up and jump off. I love that childrens fear gauges are on a different level to ours. The boy had no trouble in doing this several times! I go to 2m and couldn’t go any further (I am 1.85m tall so honestly that seems wimpish!) Looking back now though I want to go back and try again. I won’t let a set of poles beat me!

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  1. Oh now this looks like lots of fun, my girls would love this

    Thank you for linking up

  2. We have one like this near us, the kids love it

  3. Oh wow! That looks like fantastic fun! My girls would love it x

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