I’ve posted a Sunday photo for a while and as it’s the first Sunday of the new year I thought I’d start as I mean to go on…lets hope I remember each week!

For week one of the year I couldn’t choose just one without putting a little context behind it.

My middle baby is like my shadow, he wants to be where I am, do what I’m doing and help me all the time. Sometimes I want to just get the job done quickly so struggle to let him help. But I need to stop myself from saying no and just say yes more often. He won’t be little that long and despite it slowing me down I need to let him be with me and help when he wants to.

This was my Christmas window this year (I had to reverse the image to make it readable):

So here he is and my Sunday photo helping me clean the Christmas windows away. I love this guy.


I know that Darren is no longer hosting the link up but I’d like to continue posting my weekly photo so I have something to look back on.

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