This week I’ve chosen a photo that makes my heart happy.

At 5 and a half weeks old we’re getting smiles. What’s more I actually managed to capture the end of one on camera, with his oldest brother just in the background.

His brothers love him very much and are always wanting to kiss and hug him, no matter what he’s doing. Which is lovely, but when I’m trying to feed him it can get a bit difficult. His latch isn’t the greatest any way and so having them all over him can sometimes really hurt me!


4 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Smiles

  1. How sweet, what a lovely moment to capture

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Aww! How adorable.
    I love these cards. I wish they had been a thing when my girls were little. x

  3. A beautiful early smile and what a great big brother you have there.

  4. Ah I recall the milestone cards. So cute. #MySundayPhoto

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