Today is the first day of a new year. A new year always bring such promise. Such amazing new beginnings. Each year I like billions of other make new years resolutions. Resolutions that start out so meaningful. Resolutions that often get broken within a month or two. So of course I couldn’t really break my traditions of making new resolutions. I just figure I’ll write them down so I’m more accountable to someone, if only myself!

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My 2017 Resolutions

  1. Lose weight – I know everyone probably has this on their list. Last year I attended slimming world and managed to lose 2 stone. It was 2 stone of baby weight that really needed to go. Flixster was turning 2 and it was time. I drifted away from slimming world after we came back from Florida and that was my mistake. I know I’ve gained a little weight back. Thankfully no where near all of it but I have decided to go back this year and rejoin. The food optimising plan really suits me so I’m going to rejoin. I’d love to get back to what I weighed when I got married but I’ve got a long way to go. I haven’t decided if I’m going to blog about it yet as weight bothers me so I’m not sure.
  2. Have more fun – This one involves finding more time. Or more accurately trying to make better use of my time. I want to be able to have more fun with the children. I want to be able to just play with them when they ask me too. Just being able to put down what I’m doing and play. Be like a child again. Be there for them.
  3. Pay off the debts. We don’t have a lot of debt but with husband being out of work for a while and moving house things have started to mount up a little. At the moment they are manageable but I just want to be debt free. So for this I need to work hard and focus on where our money is going and direct it to the right place.
  4. Be more organised – This includes all areas of my life. I need to be more organised with food and meal planning for the family. I need to be more organised at work and be more prepared for things happening. I’d like to write more, so I need to schedule in the time properly for that.
  5. Do more exercise – Yes another one on most peoples lists. I have learned from previous years that I need to start small with this one. If I go in all guns blazing and make promises I can’t keep I fail. So for this one I’m just going to aim for at least one serious exercise session a week, but more would be great.

Being accountable

So I’ve kept it simple with 5 resolutions. Lets hope that 2017 brings me the motivation and time to stick to them. At least they are written down now! I need to regularly revisit them and make sure my motivations are still in place.



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