This is my first time linking up with ‘Point and Shoot’ link. I love photography, I’m not great at it but I try. I mainly use my iPhone camera as the quality is so good but my hubby has a fancy slr camera which I plan to learn to use properly this year! (Just another thing for the list of things to do!) So for my first time join in I’m using a snap of the Flixster from this weekend. Just a quick shot which we took while he was sat on daddies knee no long after he woke from his nap in daddies arms, hence the pillow face creases! We didn’t get up to much this weekend at all, feeling the pinch of maternity leave pay (i.e no pay!) we are trying to stay in a bit more and play with all the lovely things we got for Christmas rather than going out all the time and ending up buying food and drink out which always adds up easily!
So here it is my point and shoot offering!



13 thoughts on “Point and Shoot

  1. What a wonderful picture of your bean. My mummy and daddy bean are trying hard to get a picture of me a week to remember how much I grow in the first year.

  2. I think you’re too modest – this is a great shot! I love the pillow face too! #PointShoot

  3. Oh how gorgeous! Point + Shoot is a fab linky it’s great you’ve joined in. Look forward to seeing more x

  4. I also promise myself that I would try to learn how to use my husband’s cams beyond the automatic mode!

    This photo is amazing. Clear and crisp!


  5. Awww look at his eyes! Beautiful.

    Good luck with the dslr. I have a new one and hope to learn it too. Hopefully this link will encourage us to do so but the iPhone is great as it does capture good pictures.

  6. Great to have you. Fabby picture, I love face creases, the sign of lovely snuggles. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  7. Aww he is adorable! I love when they wake from deep sleeps all warm snuggly and full of face wrinkles! Lovely photo! x

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