Week 3 of the new year already, how is time once again evading me?

As we are getting a new kitchen soon (from Ikea) there have been a few trips there ad back, in fact this week we went twice! The first time we went with my mum and had some lunch there on my day off during the week. This cheeky face loved his pasta, with peas and a side of chips!

He’s also getting very funny. He is obsessed with glasses and always trying to steal Thomas’ from his face. We are trying to make him stop by giving him his own sunglasses to play with.

He doesn’t sleep in his own bed yet and still sleeps with me so in the evenings I tend to sit down while he falls asleep on me. Sometimes he stays awake longer because he’s not tired. On Tuesday evening this week he was awake for ages while I was watching some Walt Disney World vlogs on youtube. Every time he saw a character on the screen he would smile, wave and get excited. It was such an adorable moment to see. Capturing his innocence and excitement at seeing Mickey mouse again.

By Friday though he was sickening for something and was really many and had a high temperature. Thankfully I made it through most of my work day before I got the call from nursery to go and collect him.

Most of the weekend was spent cuddling him and trying to make him comfortable, he really wasn’t happy. We managed a quick trip to Ikea again on Sunday. This time for breakfast and to pick up some other things we needed. I’m trying desperately to get the garage sorted out as that’s where the kitchen will be delivered to so we need lots of extra room to store it until it starts to get fitted a few days later.

Hubby took some lovely photos at breakfast and even took one of me. I’m going to share them so the boys have them in future.

Thomas managed an adult size breakfast! He’s frowning up far too quickly.

Felix just wanted to make a sandwich with his bacon and sausage which he enjoyed.

By Sunday night to was clear poor Roo really wasn’t well, I tried to let his fever run as long as possible and it peaked at 39.9 in the evening before it broke and started coming down. A fever is the bodies way of fighting and killing off the infection so I knew it was the best thing for him. I cuddled him through it and carried on breastfeeding when he wanted it. Although he’s now suffering the after effects with a snotty nose and a cough he’s certainly much better in himself and doesn’t have a temperature anymore thankfully! Hubby ordered pizza for tea as no one wanted to cook and with Roo being poorly we just thought it was the easiest thing to do. Pizza left over was going to be Mondays tea!



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