This year the boy is old enough to be aware of Christmas, he’s now 3 1/2 and never ever……ever stops talking. I love him for it but sometimes I do wonder if he’s capable of exhaling without making a noise! I’m sure all toddlers are the same. So when I was planning Christmas this year I decided I’d like to do something similar to elf on the shelf, the idea being that a magical little elf comes to live with us during December, not to keep an eye on the boys behaviour but to just have lots of Christmas fun! On my list of things to do before Christmas was make an Elf door, so here is how I made it!

1) I ordered a dolls house door from Ebay – it came from China so took a while but was only around £3

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 08.55.07

2) I painted the door red

IMG_4919 IMG_5095

3) I put silver glitter on the door (I love glitter!)

4) I wanted to mould the door to the skirting board so that the boy couldn’t see behind it and spoil the magic so I used some cardboard and trial and error to get the shape right.

IMG_5097 IMG_5099

5) Once it was  shaped right I stuck it together with glue and sticky tape in the hope of covering up all the mistakes with paint!

6) I painted the surround green

7) I ordered some fymo from ebay but it hasn’t arrived in time, I was going to make a wreath and candy canes for decoration. If and when it arrives I’ll update the post!

8) The door was stuck on the skirting board downstairs in time for 1st December



9) The boy woke up that morning to the Elf bringing him a Lego Advent calendar, he was very excited

IMG_5313 IMG_0481_2

I’ve told him that the door is closed and only opens when no one is looking, he seemed happy with this explanation so far. He went to the toilet and asked if the door would open while he was gone. It’s so sweet. I myself have started to believe that the door goes to the north pole, I like to imagine that when the door opens a blast of cold air and a little snow comes through. I think one day he will wake to a little snow by the door (I need to figure out how to do that too!) Watch out for Elf door updates!


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8 thoughts on “Magical Elf Door – How I made it!

  1. Love your Elf door- what a fabulous idea! So magical 🙂

  2. What a lovely idea, I was planning on having a fairy come and visit over December, but I ran out of time, but I shall definitely be thinking of how to do this myself for next year.

  3. This looks fantastic! Just as good (if not better) than the mass produced ones that cost a bomb! x x

  4. Aw I love this idea. I don’t remember things being this magical when I was a child, great work !

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