I’ve done it, I’ve actually done it. I’ve pulled my shoes on and made it past the threshold for my first run. I promised myself I would and I did! I feel good and proud of myself for keeping my promise.

It was only a really small one of 3.18km but it’s a start. They always say the first run is the hardest so I’m glad its over and done with now. Onwards and upwards!

Distance – 3.18km

Time – 25:12

Average pace – 7:54 per KM

What I had running on the iPhone – I used the 10k runner app, I’ve used this before and I’ve had god results from it. I really wasn’t sure where I was fitness wise so I started from run 3 of the first week on the app. This was 5 minute warm up, then 20 minutes of 1minute running and 1.5 minute walk 8 times, followed by a 5 minute cool down. I felt this was pretty easy for me so I added in some extra running. I also had the Nike+ app running as it’s something I have used for many many years and like to keep adding the km to it.

Music – Now I wasn’t really prepared today and I need to sort out the music on my iPhone so I started off with the ‘Now thats what I call Running’ album on but switched to some random other tunes half way through the run. I need to sort it out properly but it seems like a big job – maybe hubby to the rescue on that one……hint hint!

So the plan is that tomorrow all being well I’m going to take part in my first ‘Park Run‘ which I’m pretty nervous about! Park run organise free weekly 5k timed races all over the country. I’ve been registered for ages but not actually made it to a run yet for lots of reasons. I really want to make tomorrow my first one. Even if I come last I need to start somewhere!