The End of Reception

My eldest is in his Reception year at school. I only get to do school drop off for two days each school week because I do long hours during my three work days. I would love to drop off everyday but I am very grateful that I at least get to do two each week. Yesterday started like any normal day, the early rise as usual. Me thinking I have hours to get ready (when in fact we do have about 3.5 hours (so why is there ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS) a last-minute dash to beat the bell at school? Does this just happen to me?


So after the 3 hour-long battle to get both boys, washed, dressed, fed and ready we were dashing off to school once again to beat the bell. We got there just in time for final goodbyes, a kiss, a quick hug and a little wave. Me stood with Flixster waving the boy off, watching him to the last-minute until he goes through the door and turns left into the cloakroom out of sight. It was then that it hit me.

Like I walked into a solid brick wall.

That was it, that moment, he only has a week left in reception. He is finishing reception, how did this happen? Why was I so sad?
Another milestone, another glaringly obvious reminder that time never stops.
It only seems like two minutes since I was dropping him off for his taster sessions with a tear in my eye. I was sad back then because he was growing up, school were stealing my baby away. I didn’t know when I dropped him off back then that he’d end the school year in a different school. Due to our house move and the opportunity to move schools he only spent one term at his original school and the other two terms at a different one. He has settled in so well at his new school, he still talks about the old one quite a bit but knows his new one is here to stay. I know I should feel happy but I didn’t. In that very moment I just wanted to hug him and cry quietly and not let go…ever. I felt even worse letting him go because I’d only just told him off for stamping on my foot and marking my new shoes, it seems so trivial, I should have just let it go and spent longer hugging him instead.
I’m not sure I like being reminded of time passing, I’m sure everyone feels the same. Some times I need the world to stop moving so I can take an extra few moments to appreciate it.



I need the boys to make sure they know I love them, I need to bottle their little smell, frame their tiny little hands and the trusting look they give you when they need reassurance. I need to appreciate every single moment in time.

Reflection on Reception Class Year at School

Once again time has passed very quickly and I can’t believe we are already two terms into reception class year at school. That’s two-thirds of the way through, past the halfway mark and some.

At the start of the year little did I know he’d be starting a new school all over again for term two. He loved his first school very much and I was worried about the change unsettling him all over again but he coped really well. He did a great job of just getting on with it, and is as much a part of the class as any of the other children. Even adjusting to a shirt and tie rather than polo t-shirt was thankfully very easy!

Parents Evening –  We had a parent evening at his old school as well as one at his new school very recently. I was such a proud mum when the new teacher explained how well he is doing. All I have ever asked is that he tries his best with all that he does. It doesn’t matter to me if he’s not top of the class, it doesn’t matter where he comes or how long it takes him to complete a task as long as he tries his very best. He is doing really well though with his reading and writing. I used to worry that being an August baby would leave him lagging behind his peer group, I don’t need to worry at the moment. I’m proud that his teacher thinks he’s very ready for year 1 and some much more serious learning. I don’t get thought why the fun and the playing have to stop when they leave reception. I’m sad that he’ll be much more classroom based, he loves learning outdoors, what a shame that the government targets mean that all of a sudden after reception class ends it’s time to sit down all day instead of stepping outside to learn.

As this week a whole new cohort of parents will learn of their child’s school placement, there will inevitably be some tears as well as much happiness I think back to this time last year and can’t believe how far he’s come. Although he will always be my baby he has grown up in so many ways. Ways I hadn’t even thought of. He’s independent and becoming more confident each day. As his teacher pointed out he still struggles with friendships but seems happy playing alone and she thinks it may be that his vocabulary is a little more advanced than his peers so he prefers the company of older children than those of his own age group. If she’s not worried then I’m not either. I’d love for him to have some close friends to grow up with but I’m sure this will come in time.

If I had any advise for those parents that will this week learn of their child’s school it’s to cherish these last few months before school starts. Cherish them as they are now and before they change. Cherish the time that you have with them as once school starts they do change as little people. Little people who grow up all of a sudden very quickly!

So now as we face the start of the summer term, the last term in reception I will probably be sat here this time next year thinking about how once again my little boy has grown and changed. Time once again is speeding by and I will try to cherish every single day.

Reception Class

First day at new school (pre-glasses!)

Let's Talk Mommy

My beautiful boy has been in school for a week tomorrow. My lovely best friend and buddy has started school and its been an emotional start for him.

The boy is a very emotional little person, he always has been and it’s just him. It’s part of his personality and I love him for it. He shows empathy to other people who are upset or sad. He is very sensitive to being told off. On the odd occasion he would do something not quite right at nursery he’s be distraught if he got told off, even hours later when I’d pick him up he’d cry when the staff would tell me. He’s very tactile and tells me when he’s feeling sad and needs a hug. He’s just a perfect and gentle person (on the whole!) So I knew starting school would be hard for him.

At nursery the staff understood him and how emotionally sensitive he is, they’d hug him when he needed it, I know at school teachers can’t do that. They have too many other things to do and all the other children to consider.

He’s been going into school fine in the morning with no problems but it’s the evenings when the strain on him is showing. Everyday after school once we are home there have been tears and sobbing. It’s been breaking my heart to see him so upset. I’ve tried talking it out with him but I don’t think he has the words to explain it at the moment so just says he doesn’t know why he’s so upset. I love this little guy so much but I don’t know how best to help him.


(First day, after school shot – hence the untucked shirt!)

I have to remember he’s only just turned 4 (he’s an August baby) and school is a massive change for him. Even though he’s used to long days at nursery, school is a completely different environment and peer group.

I hope dear sweet boy that you can make some friends at school and that you start to enjoy it. I’m sure you will, it’s just going to take time to adjust to everything. It’s a new environment, new peer group and new adults to care for you, new routines, new rules and new lessons to learn.

For now though as always I’m here for you, to hold you and hug you and wipe those tears away. We can get through this together xxxx


Well here it is, it’s finally here. School Eve, the evening before my tiny baby starts school.

How have we got to this?

Where has the last 4 years gone?

My beautiful little baby is going to school tomorrow and starting a new chapter in his life.

I’m not sure how I feel?

Excited that he’s growing up.

Nervous that he’ll be scared and will miss me.

Sad that our time together on weekdays is over and that I should have appreciated it more.

Angry that school are stealing him away from me.

Anxious that he’ll not get lost in a sea of other children. I know that teachers are very used to the receptions starting and that it’s all new so I’m sure he’ll be in good hands and the school is lovely, I’m so pleased he’s going there.

It’s a massive mixed bag of emotions, it only seems like a week ago I was watching other mums take their children to school on the first day and now all of a sudden its us. I can’t take him tomorrow or Thursday due to work commitments but I will be there to take him on Friday for his first full day. I won’t cry because I don’t want him to see me upset and it’s not what I do! But inside I’m sure the tears will be flowing.

I’m glad that after his first full day I’ll be able to spend the weekend with him before it all starts properly next week.

Good luck baby boy, as I’ve told you tonight, it doesn’t matter how much you get right or wrong at school as long as you always try your best that’s all we ask of you. I’m looking forward to watching you grow and learn but I’m also grieving for what has passed and that my little pre-schooler is now at school. Love you always xxxx