Before having my gorgeous boys I used to enjoy running, I ran a couple of 10k’s but then life got in the way. I would never describe myself as a runner pre-children but I certainly tried! Ever since Flixster was born I’ve wanted to try running again. I just can never seem to find the motivation to get up late in the evening once the children are in bed and all the housework is done and put my running shoes on. It’s all about taking the first step.

They always say the first run is the hardest.

For the longest time I’ve contemplated blogging about my running journey, starting from the very beginning. I’m not a fit person anymore, I’m still carrying extra baby weight and I’m permanently tired from the interrupted sleep. So I’ve put it off and off and off. But this week a chance presented itself to work towards a goal. The opportunity to join in the fun of the ‘Run or Dye’ event. With races taking place up and down the country reaching out to every corner, over the course of the year I couldn’t pass it up. As a lover of living life in colour the concept appeals to me so much. It’s only a short course of 5k which is achievable even if you have no level of fitness like me. The most important part is having fun and taking part. It’s not about the time you run or walk on the day Run or Dye’s mission is to encourage better health, fitness and nutrition decisions among its participants and supporters.The sheer amount of colour you get covered in is a bonus and enjoying yourself is mandatory!

 I’m going to take part in the event on June 6th in Liverpool, which I know isn’t very long away but I’m a person who works well under pressure! I’ve got 2 and a half weeks to get out and do some practising! I’m hoping the Run or Dye race is the kick I need to get back out there and find the time to run again. I can’t wait to participate in world’s most colourful 5K cross the finish line and celebrate in the world-famous Dye Festival as the full force of the brilliant colours are blasted all around.

Tad 2

I did have some concerns about the dye that I will be covered in but after reading about it on the website I’ve found out it is a safe, eco-friendly, plant-based dye powder. Run or Dye draws its inspiration from the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the “Festival of Colours.”

In addition to the fun everyone will be having, Run or Dye will be bringing colour to those who deserve a lift to brighten their lives. Whether it’s repainting the local playground, creating a bright and exciting mural for a community space or simply arranging for a bunch of blooms to be delivered to someone in need, Run or Dye wants to know who you would like to thank with colour . Gifts will be given to worthwhile causes, large and small around the UK, covering the 15 Run or Dye event locations. Bringing the true spirit of Run or Dye which celebrates life, friendship, fitness and fun outside the events the gifts will help even more to live life in full colour. Schools, organisations and individuals in need can be nominated via the Run or Dye website, so if you can think of a worthwhile cause get in touch with them. I can certainly think of a few good causes I’ll be nominating.

I’m going to start blogging about my running journey, even if it helps motivate just one person to get out and go for a walk then I’d be happy. I don’t know when I’m going to find the time, but I will do it. It’s time to make a positive change to my health. #thisgirlcan


As a motivation for people who fancy having fun and joining in with the colour party like me Run or Dye are offering £3 off the entry fee by using the code KISDISCOUNT on the Run or Dye website.

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Before I became mummy I used to hate Halloween! I hated that children would knock on the door and trick or treat. I didn’t like the scary factor to it. It was not my favourite day by any means and I always used to avoid it by going out in the evenings. It used to be my first Christmas shopping night of the year. I would go to my local big shopping centre and spend the night shopping avoiding any knocks on the door. However since having children I’ve ended up staying in and waiting for the knocks on the door. For the past two years the boy has been a bit to young to understand what was going on, however I have dressed him up to try to get in the spirit.

This year however has been different. I have really enjoyed the time leading up to Halloween as well as the night itself. This year I threw myself into decorating the house. I bought a few decorations and put them up with the help of the boy.







The boy was delighted when we put a couple of things up on his bedroom door.


On Friday itself we had planned to have an inside day so I took the opportunity to do some Halloween activities together. We first spent quite a while messing about with the face paints. Since last week was the first time he had had his face painted whilst we were out I thought we could try again at home whilst he still remembered what face paints were. His costume was a skeleton so I tried to make a skeleton face for him to go with it. As you can imagine keeping a 3 year old still is hard so it didn’t come out too well, but it was good enough for him!


I had bought a pumpkin carving kit this year to avoid using a kitchen knife on our pumpkin as I knew the boy would want to get involved. I wasn’t sure if it would be any good as it only cost £1 but I highly recommend them. You get a scoop, a carving tool and a poking tool.


I wasn’t sure at first if it would be suitable for a 3 year old to use but the carving tool wasn’t particularly sharp so with some supervision the boy soon got the hang of poking the face shapes out and then using the carving tool to cut them. It did take quite a while with the scoop to get out all the seeds but that’s part of the fun and the boy really enjoyed himself.



Once evening came I changed him into his costume and we waited for any trick or treaters. He was so excited, he thought that his friends from nursery would come to our house (despite them living no where near where we live!) I guessed they must have been talking about it at nursery during the week. He was so excited that he put the bucket of sweets on the stairs by the door in readiness. This was the first year ever that I was hoping some people would come. I didn’t want to have to tell him that nobody was coming. Our house is the tucked away on the end of a small row of houses and quite well hidden by a large hedge so often people have trouble finding it. On dark evenings its even harder to find so I made sure the outside light was on and I turned on some lights in the house to try and encourage them to call!

DSC_0216 DSC_0212 DSC_0207

It wasn’t too long before there was a little knock on the door, the boy rushed to answer it with me and was eager to try and put treats in the two children’s buckets, it was very sweet. Daddy came home soon after and the boy asked to go out trick or treating. I’ve never really agreed with it but he asked so nicely and his eyes were full of hope so Daddy agreed to take him out to just a few houses. I’m not sure he knew what you really did as he wanted to take out our full bucket of sweets to each house! We live on an estate of newish built houses so they went out and knocked on a few doors that were decorated and where they knew that people were participating. I think that is a fair compromise. If a house is decorated for Halloween then its fair to say they probably don’t mind small children knocking on to trick or treat. It wasn’t long before they were back and the boy was very happy and excited to tell me about it. After he got home we had a few more knocks and the boy got to give out more sweets. It was lovely to see him trying to give everyone treats. Thankfully all the children we had were lovely and polite and all said thank you before leaving.

After both boys were in bed I sat down to reflect on how much I’ve actually enjoyed Halloween this year. I’m excited to make it even more fun next year. I’ll certainly be looking out for decorations in the sale to keep for 2015!