Once again the days are slipping away in front of my very eyes. The boys are growing together and another month has passed.


I’m still finding myself say ‘gently’ to the boy every few minutes when they are together, he can still be quite rough with Flixster. I try to snap them together as much as I can. I can’t believe how much they look like each other in the next picture. It must be the angle but Flixster looks almost the same size as the boy.




Last week when the weather was good we went to the local park. The boy had so much fun pushing Flixster on the swings. Flixster was loving it too. It gave me a glimpse of how they will play together in the future, it was lovely to watch.



Flixster is also getting to know what is expected when the camera comes out too now and is beginning to smile on cue which makes for a great shot.

The last two picture for siblings this month are, I think my favourites of the boys that I’ve ever taken. I think the last one in particular shows the love that’s growing in the boys eyes for his little brother. I don’t think it needs any more words.





dear beautiful

2 thoughts on “Siblings – A Photograph Project {May 2015}

  1. Aww they’re so sweet together. I love all of these photos. Gorgeous #livingarrows

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