What is it about some of the videos on Youtube? How are they so popular?

My children are 4 and 2, I make no apologies for letting them watch youtube videos. I am always close by to check what they are watching is safe and suitable and usually it buys me a few minutes to do some household tasks. They never sit there for hours on end, just a few short sessions. They certainly seem to enjoy it. But one thing still puzzles me, why are some seemingly odd videos so popular?

youtube debut

For example, the items wrapped in play-doh, whats that about? And the endless opening of ‘surprise eggs’. I just don’t get it. As the boy grows up he’s increasingly interested in both ‘How to’ and games videos. He likes to watch other people play computer games (age appropriate of course!) he’ll spend a while watching other people playing Mario or watching other people opening toys. I suppose it saves me having to buy the toy for him to open!

For a while he’s been asking to make his own youtube video, I’m not sure he’ll be very poplar but  I think he just wanted to get on youtube. He chose the subject himself, again not something that people really want to watch but I’m sure I’ll appreciate capturing him in the moment and be able to look back with fondness at the video. I love how the technology of today means where ever I am in the world if there is internet I can watch my beautiful boy.

So here it is, his first intentional instructional video on youtube, he even says like and subscribe at the end….I wonder where he got that from!?!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you……….”How to make toast with a 4 year old!”

Youtube Debut