Well here it is, it’s finally here. School Eve, the evening before my tiny baby starts school.

How have we got to this?

Where has the last 4 years gone?

My beautiful little baby is going to school tomorrow and starting a new chapter in his life.

I’m not sure how I feel?

Excited that he’s growing up.

Nervous that he’ll be scared and will miss me.

Sad that our time together on weekdays is over and that I should have appreciated it more.

Angry that school are stealing him away from me.

Anxious that he’ll not get lost in a sea of other children. I know that teachers are very used to the receptions starting and that it’s all new so I’m sure he’ll be in good hands and the school is lovely, I’m so pleased he’s going there.

It’s a massive mixed bag of emotions, it only seems like a week ago I was watching other mums take their children to school on the first day and now all of a sudden its us. I can’t take him tomorrow or Thursday due to work commitments but I will be there to take him on Friday for his first full day. I won’t cry because I don’t want him to see me upset and it’s not what I do! But inside I’m sure the tears will be flowing.

I’m glad that after his first full day I’ll be able to spend the weekend with him before it all starts properly next week.

Good luck baby boy, as I’ve told you tonight, it doesn’t matter how much you get right or wrong at school as long as you always try your best that’s all we ask of you. I’m looking forward to watching you grow and learn but I’m also grieving for what has passed and that my little pre-schooler is now at school. Love you always xxxx