I need entrance matting! I needed to replace the laminate! When I get bitten by the DIY bug I can’t help myself. I’m always getting crazy new DIY ideas and the house will never be finished! This time it was a new entrance mat. With three boys and a husband and the constant in and out of the pram wheels we needed something more substantial than a tiny mat. The boys always whizz past the small mat on the way to take their shoes off on the stairs. So when I saw on Pinterest that you could fit a full mat I couldn’t help but put it on my list of things to do.

Materials Used:

1 piece of heavy-duty entrance mat carpet – I purchased mine from eBay it was 2m x 1.25m and cost £23.75

1 roll carpet tape – I got mine from B&Q and it was £6.23

1 strip of Floor threshold – again B & Q and it was £20.47

Then I used my own tools to cut the floor

Steps Taken

  1. Measure the area and get the right size of carpet to go in the space, of course you want to order a  little overage to allow for a lovely snug fit.
  2. Draw a line with a pencil on the existing floor
  3. Cut carefully along the floor
  4. Remove the floor pieces
  5. Remove any debris and dust or the tape won’t work
  6. Measure the carpet and cut to a rough size leaving overage
  7. Cut down and stick down the bottom level of the carpet threshold strip
  8. Press down as much tape as you think you’ll need. I did all the edges and zig zagged across the middle
  9. Remove the other side of the double sided tape to leave a sticky surface
  10. Carefully lay down the carpet and cut to size, put under the edges of the floorboard if you can
  11. Clip on the top of the carpet threshold strip
  12. Stand back and admire your work!

I tried to do a time-lapse of the whole project but the camera cut out for some of it so I have had to do a commentary on top of the footage I did get to show you the project.